phpExifRW - Exif Reader & Writer


Pure PHP class to read, write and transfer EXIF information that most of the digital camera produces.

This class is based on jhead (in C) by Matthias Wandel

- Read Exif Information
- Extract and display emdedded thumbnails
- Add Comments to files.
- Transfering EXIF information from one file to another.

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  • Tested with:

            - Sony
    - Cybershot (Sony)
    - DSC-D700
    - PowerShotA5
    - Sony P71
    - SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd
    - SR6
    - SX113
    - C960Z, D460Z
    - C3000Z
    - Canon
    - PowerShot A40 (Canon)
    - Canon DIGITAL IXUS
    - Canon 300D
    - RICOH
    - Caplio RR30
    - RDC-5300
    - NIKON
    - E5700 (NIKON)
    - E950
    - D2H
    - CASIO QV-8000SX
    - KODAK
    - DC290 Zoom Digital Camera (V01.00) [Eastman Kodak Company]
    - DC210 Zoom (V05.00) [Eastman Kodak Company]
    - FujiFilm

    Sites Using this class:

    Products Using this class

    • Coppermine Photo Gallery - Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery script written in PHP
    • My Pictures - 'My Pictures' is another PHP based photo gallery software. It uses ImageMagicks convert to create thumbnails, PHPs EXIF extension to read EXIF data stored by digital cameras and wrjpgcom to save comments directly to JPEG files.


    Read Documentation at:


    Changes History

    30 May 2005 Version 1.1
    - Better code. Cleaner several un-wanted code.
    - Added several additional tags that show GPS information.
    - Fixed Shutter Speed value calculation
    - Fixed Aperture value calculation
    - Fixed Special characters in Make & Model
    - Support for following Cameras added:
    - NIKON D2H
    - Canon 300D

    2-February-2004 Version 1.0
    - Improved reading performance upto 200 times.
    - Seperated classes to read and write exif information
    - Added more than 50 additional tags support
    - Tested with 9 different Camera and 20 different camera model photos.
    - cleaned up code for better readability and enhanced performance.

    20-September-2003 Version 0.6
    Added support for 'Artist' and 'Copyright' tags
    Original datetime of image is now showing up
    Removed all warning and some Code clean-up

    2-august-2003 Version 0.5
    - Added Support for RICOH camera Images
    - Fixed a minor bug, image dimension not showing up with several camera images.
    - Showing JPEG Image comment

    4-June-2003 Version 0.4
    - Added caching system for thumbnail storage.

    21-Apr-2003 Version 0.3
    - Fixed several bugs that originated with Nikon and Canon Cameras

    24-Mar-2003 Version 0.2
    - Added file 'showThumbnail.php' to show thumbnail
    of the JPEG file extracted from EXIF information

    20-Mar-2003 Version 0.1
    - initial release

    See history of CHANGES.

    Download phpExifRW_1_1.tar.gz(21 Kb) file here.
    Download phpExifRW_1_0.tar.gz(19 Kb) file here.
    Download phpExifRW_0_4.tar.gz(26 Kb) file here.
    Download phpExifRW_0_3.tar.gz(26 Kb) file here.
    Download phpExifRW_0_2.tar.gz(26 Kb) file here.
    Download phpExifRW_0_1.tar.gz(26 Kb) file here.

    Licence & Copyright

    phpExifRW is released under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL) a copy of which is included in the zip file.

    System Requirements

    The Minimum Requirements are...

    • PHP ver > 4


    See Readme file


    Vinay Kumar <>


    Please download & test the application. Report bugs, enhance it.
    email us your experiences at

    Vinay Yadav at VinayRas Infotech
    Vinay Yadav Developer

    New Version

    Download latest version of Reader class.

    This update includes GPS data updates.

    For queries/bugs please email at with sample image.

    Vinay Yadav