of_calendar - An add-on for OOHForms family


We wanted a single element in OOH Forms to handle the date drop-down view.
This could have been achieved by adding three elements seperatly but the validation would have been difficult, confusing and lengthy. So our aim was to make life easier by making a single element which could automatically generate a drop-down and handle all the possible validation.

What can of_calendar do?

It can be used with the elements of OOHForms to effectively use the calender element.
On calling $f->show_element("cal")
of_calendar will generate this view.

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Tested with:

  • Red Hat Linux 7.3
  • PHP Ver 4.0Â and greater
  • PHPLIB-7.2b

of_calendar is written as a add on for the OOH Forms family of PHPLIB

Changes in 0.2
* Added format attribute - d/m/y
 where alphabet has the same meaning as that of PHP date function
Month format allowed:
F - long month names,
M - Short (3-char) month names
m - Numeric months preceeded by zero
n - Numeric months
 * The position of select boxes can also be swapped.

Bug Fixes on 12/11/2001
current Initial version 0.1 released 09/29/2000.
See history of CHANGES.


Download the latest class of_cal_0_2.tar.gz here.

Download of_cal_0_1r.zip file here.
Download of_cal_0_1.zip file here.

The PHP class library used for of_calendar is PHPLIB. Get PHPLIB here.

Licence & Copyright

of_calendar is released under the GNU Lesser GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL) a copy of which is included in the zip file.

System Requirements

The Minimum System Requirements are...

  • Linux 6.1
  • Apache Server on Linux
  • PHP ver >3


See Readme file


Girish Nair <girish@sanisoft.com> Coding and debugging.
Vinay Kumar <vinay@vinayras.com> Coding,debugging and Testing.


Please download & test the application. Report bugs, enhance it.
email us your experiences at <vinay@vinayras.com

Vinay Yadav at VinayRas Infotech
Vinay Yadav Developer http://www.vinayras.com